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What can be posted here ? Cows, heifers, bulls, embryos . Fully registered, Genetic Recovery.

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Guernsey Classifieds
Cows & Heifers:

WANTED: Looking for an A2/A2 family milk cow that is handmilking friendly, 2-5 years. Would be interested in choosing genetics for beta lactoglobulin and Kappa Casein as well, but not a must have. 

Rachel - 307-655-3434

WANTED: 1-2 head. Certified organic (A2A2, registered) Guernseys 0-5yo.

Marissa - 218-280-1731

WANTED: Looking for an A2/A2 family milk cow that is hand or machine milking friendly, 2-5yo. Located in SE Indiana.

Michael Slivka: 812-432-3370

WANTED: Two A2/A2 very gentle cows aged 2-4 years old. Will be used for family milk, and as the foundation cows of a micro-dairy as part of a larger sustainable farm. Needs to be used to hand or machine milk and currently in milk and bred back. Calf at side is ideal. San Antonio, Texas

Frances Smith:  210-429-3278

WANTED: younger Guernsey cow for personal milk production. Located in Muldrow, OK, willing to travel within a couple hundred miles. 

Jim Davidson: 479-651-4450

FOR SALE: Registered, genetic recovery heifer calf born Feb. 2020. Dam is full Guernsey and calf is sired by 777HO03913 Croteau Lesperron Unix EX-96.
Jared: 920-946-9255

WANTED: A2/A2 registered Guernsey heifer or cow. Looking for an in-your-pocket type. Cow doesn't have to be wet. Demeanor/personality is paramount. The closer to North Dakota, the better.

Joel Cote-Kanning: 701-626-7115

WANTED:  Looking to purchase our first cow. Looking for friendly cow/calf pair or bred cow to be hand milked. Must be able to halter. Older or low production cows acceptable. No diseases. Located in NE PA. Very patient can wait until spring. Will need a shipper if located far. please text or email with info and prices.

Tina: 570-262-5323

WANTED: Looking for registered Guernsey cows. Located in Pennsylvania.

John Zimmerman: 570-789-2884

WANTED: Guernsey heifers and cow/calf pairs. 

Steve Warnersmith: 502-402-0392

WANTED: Our family is looking ultimately for a family A2A2 family cow for a 4-H family. Would be willing to raise a heifer calf, bred heifer or cow. We are located in Montana so the closer the better. 

Cindy Selensky: 406-930-1900

WANTED: Registered Guernsey cows.

Laura Parker: 804-536-9155

FOR SALE: ORGANIC, GRASS-FED GUERNSEYS! Overcrowded herd needs to move several from each age group. Located in NY. Certified organic.
Warren - 802-324-1988

WANTED: High school senior looking for an A2/A2 registered family milk cow or cow calf pair to start my own breeding program with. I come from a cattle ranch so I am willing to put in the work! 1-5 years old; located in CA

Cheyenne: 916-302-0013

WANTED: A2/A2 cow in milk and accustomed to hand milking. Virginia

Deborah McVsy: 908-391-7872

WANTED: Registered heifer for my daughter. Located in TX.

Alexis Murphy: 979-575-2834

FOR SALE:  6 to 8 A2A2 just fresh 2 year olds available end of April. Cows located in Lancaster, PA
Joseph Piskorowski - 607-257-5941

FOR SALE:  About 5 cows, 20 heifers, along with several calves. Texas. Check out our site here.
NaRisa Waldo - 903-245-9673

WANTED: Guernsey calves. Located in California.

Luie Nevarez: 760-522-9120

FOR SALE:  herd wanting to slowly retire. 50 years of all-AI breeding. 10 Guernsey heifers, a few cows. Located in MO.

Bierbaum Farm: 636-357-2170

FOR SALE: Three young, bred cows due in summer/fall. Grazing herd. Quality production and udders, moderate frames, and Polled Genetics. Minnesota.


FOR SALE: 2 Guernsey milk cows, one bred, one open.

Jesse Shetler: 270-969-8924

WANTED: A2 Guernsey family milk cow seed stock: cow/calf pair or bred cow in Texas.

Ginger Mikeska: 979-255-6165

WANTED: 2, A2A2 young cows or heifers, bred, soon to calve. Halter broke would be ideal & grass based a plus. Located south of I-44 in Missouri, two hours SE of St. Louis.

John Whitaker: 573-244-3539


FOR SALE: A2A2 bull calf. Born 4/2. Currently calf sharing with Dam. Dam: Oakland Lightening Macaroon Sire: Springhill Jokes Jaguar-ET. N. Central Alabama.

Joshua Taylor: 256 962-0512

FOR SALE: Registered, tested breeding-aged bulls from top cow families: Fame x Tayte EX93; American Pie x Unique EX92; and polled Craig from the Joke family.

Springhill: 330-473-9660

FOR SALE: A2A2 registered breeding-aged bull in Kentucky. Calves on the ground. Ladys Man x Navajo x EX Challenge. Very high DPR, PL & Livability.

Terry Trout: 270-382-2866

Embryos & Semen:

Quality embryos available

Randy Knapp 563-590-5369

Embryos available - elite genetics & cow families.

Hoard's Dairyman Farm, WI 


Embryos for sale. They are not direct thaw. Details available. Walnut Ridge Farm @

WANTED: Sexed Guernsey embryos suitable to be exported to the UK. 

Phil Macpherson: +447827018823

Export eligible, sexed IVF embryos from an HM All-American! Click here for details and contact information. Located in WI.