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Private Treaty

We are bringing our Private Treaty sector online. We have created two forms for interested parties to fill out. 

1. For Sellers: If you are interested in selling an animal with the assistance of GMS please use this contact form and we will reply and retrieve the information that we will need. We can then post them in our Classifieds section below.

What can be posted here ? Cows, heifers, bulls, embryos . Fully registered, Genetic Recovery.

2. For Potential Buyers: If you are looking for something particular search our classifieds section, and if it is not listed please fill out the form and we would be happy to assist you ! 

By filling out the form, you agree to have your contact information published online. Please only share what information you are comfortable posting on this site. Your post may be edited for clarity, brevity, or otherwise as staff sees necessary.

 Thank you , 


For Sellers:

Thanks! Message sent.

For Potential Buyers:

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Guernsey Classifieds
Cows & Heifers:

WANTED: 1-2 head. Certified organic (A2A2, registered) Guernseys 0-5yo.

Marissa - 218-280-1731

WANTED: younger Guernsey cow for personal milk production. Located in Muldrow, OK, willing to travel within a couple hundred miles. 

Jim Davidson: 479-651-4450

WANTED:  Looking to purchase our first cow. Looking for friendly cow/calf pair or bred cow to be hand milked. Must be able to halter. Older or low production cows acceptable. No diseases. Located in NE PA. Very patient can wait until spring. Will need a shipper if located far. please text or email with info and prices.

Tina: 570-262-5323

WANTED: Our family is looking ultimately for a family A2A2 family cow for a 4-H family. Would be willing to raise a heifer calf, bred heifer or cow. We are located in Montana so the closer the better. 

Cindy Selensky: 406-930-1900

WANTED: Guernsey calves. Located in California.

Luie Nevarez: 760-522-9120

WANTED: We are looking for show quality guernsey cow or bred heifer. Easy to handle, outstanding temperament and 
high classification scores. 
Please contact Melynda or Michael at 
703-708-4540 or

WANTED: Guernsey calf.

Hana 914.420.2162


WANTED: Looking for a spring calving family milk cow. 2-4 years old. Looking in or near Colorado.

Lee Gittleson 970.734.8370


WANTED: 1-4 head, organic, A2A2 line, Seed stock for micro dairy. Located in Capay Valley, CA, open to shipping.

Brooke Degnan 907.884.1629

WANTED: 1-2 cows. One in milk and one bred is ideal, but will consider others. Calf at side is ideal but not required. Recent disease testing required. Cow must be gentle and easy to handle. Farm is 150 acres and  creamery will be grass-based. We are a small start up looking to have milk for ourselves plus raw milk herdshares. We are located in Lexington, Tennessee.

Frances Smith: 210.429.3278

WANTED: Looking for organic Guernseys. Located in North-Central Ohio.

Richard Martin: 419.752.0333



WANTED: We will be looking for a homestead milk cow.

Carol Drewry: 757-510-6072


WANTED: A bred guernsey A2A2 to hand milk for a family farm.

David Schmechel: 603.556.0793


WANTED: Guernsey cow, 3-4 years old, in milk. 

Randy Adcock: 318.417.3095

WANTED:  A2/A2 guernsey heifer.

Nicole: 603.540.1038

WANTED:  Guernsey cow in milk or heavy bred. 5-8 years old. A2/A2. Will travel. Not looking for feed lot cows.

Rachel Brewer: 254-760-8746

WANTED:  2 Guernsey calves to import to Italy.

Diego: 07413640959

WANTED:  2 Guernsey cows or heifers for our family farm in western North Carolina

Jacob Howard: 828.777.0730

WANTED:  Polled, grass-fed genetics; A2A2 milk cows

John: 1.574.780.9725

WANTED:  Full blood Guernsey A2, 3-4 yrs old, full blood Guernsey A2 heifer calf at side.

Georgianna Morrison: 254.978.3825

WANTED:  Purebred A2A2 Guernsey in the middle of or near the start of lactation. Close to Michigan is preferred.

Sam Webb: 989.492.4761

WANTED:  Milking cow and calf.

Megan Dybowski:

WANTED: One to two 2-4 year old bred cow(s) or cow/calf pair that produces A2A2 milk located close to Parks, Arkansas, but willing to travel for the right girl(s). Wanting them so I can produce my own milk for self sustainable living on my Ranch

Tanya Pepper: 479.890.1213 or 302.265.7600

WANTED: A2/A2 registered Guernsey heifer or cow.

Afonso Lopes: 214.517.8286

WANTED: Looking for 6 to 12 bulling or in calf heifers (would consider calves, plus older). Will be for export, but we can arrange for all transport and will take care of all paperwork etc.

Stephen Townsend:  +968776569353

WANTED:  Looking to purchase a young Guernsey cow already in milk or dry. Willing to travel within 300 miles of Snowflake, Arizona.

Greg Schmidt: 928-229-5206

WANTED: One cow, has had calves and been milked before. Preferable age 3-6yo To be used as a family milk cow.

Lauren Torres: 210.284.1488

WANTED: Cow that is bred and is still in milk if possible.

Tommy Smith: 903.269.6122

WANTED: Ideally, a 2-5yo Guernsey family milk cow that is hand milking friendly, A2/A2 preferred, grass-fed. Located in South East Indiana

Michael Slivka: 812-432-3370

WANTED: Guernsey for a family farm that won't break the bank.

Jerry Day: 337-513-1942

WANTED: registered Guernsey heifer calf

Cole K.: 269.506.2018

WANTED: First Guernsey cow, going to be mixed with Holstein in a free stall barn with TMR. Springing heifers or fresh cows.

Noah Houtsinger: 1.262.325.0740

WANTED: some Guernsey heifers and a Guernsey bull. Please reach back to me with more information.

Osmar Quinteros: 213.269.2136

FOR SALE: Looking for a good home for our sweetheart family pet, Registered Guernsey heifer. R-Dream Salute-P was born 01/15/2023. She was bottle feed and babied through weaning age. She weathered the cold WI winter temperatures but ended up with lung damage. She is a tough fighter. She holds her own at the feed bunk. She is growing well just a little behind others her age. She is super sweet and will follow you around the farm. Located in Mineral Point, WI. Call with questions. Photos available. Sire: Springhill Jack Daniels ETV-P Dam: R-Dream Electro Shelly Sugar-TW

Cynthia Nafzger: 608-575-4259

FOR SALE: R-Dream Memory Maker Jo Jo VG-85 b. 8/25/19. Has been shown, is halterbroke & friendly. Producing 65# per day in tie stall barn. Due 8/6/24 to sexed Brett. Shown successfully with a line of long-living cows. Mineral Point, WI. 

Cynthia Nafzger: 608-575-4259

WANTED: Guernsey cows or heifers

David King: 1-717-368-5193

FOR SALE: 2024 bottle heifer, HI GUERN VIEW LEVI DRONE x DEAD END LADYSMAN ALLAGASH. Located in Porter, Maine

Melody Rudolph: 207.505.5871

WANTED: Guernsey milk cow.

Vinnette Stayrook: 423.453.8090

WANTED: Looking for an A2/A2 family milk cow that is hand or machine milking friendly, 2-5yo. Located in SE Indiana.

Michael Slivka: 812-432-3370

WANTED: Looking for registered Guernsey cows. Located in Pennsylvania.

John Zimmerman: 570-789-2884

WANTED: Registered Guernsey cows.

Laura Parker: 804-536-9155

WANTED: Registered heifer for my daughter. Located in TX.

Alexis Murphy: 979-575-2834

WANTED: High school senior looking for an A2/A2 registered family milk cow or cow calf pair to start my own breeding program with. I come from a cattle ranch so I am willing to put in the work! 1-5 years old; located in CA

Cheyenne: 916-302-0013

WANTED: A2 Guernsey family milk cow seed stock: cow/calf pair or bred cow in Texas.

Ginger Mikeska: 979-255-6165

WANTED: Purebred Guernsey cows or cow/calf.

Steve Konka: 443-401-9038

WANTED: A bred Guernsey heifer.

Jim Wolff 6165509372

WANTED: Looking to purchase at least 1 or more Guernsey A2/A2 milking cows. Would also consider mother with baby calf, etc. 

Cheryl & Ashley Pawelczyk 303.505.8297

WANTED: Heifer in milk with calf.

Allison 214.797.7907


WANTED: A2/A2 family milk cow that is hand or machine-milking friendly. 0-5 years old.

Teresa Green 310.941.7932


WANTED: A2A2 Guernsey heifers.

Alissa Fee: 1.530.640.2624


WANTED: Looking for a Bred cow in the southeast. A2/A2 preferred but not necessary. Will be added to our family milk herd so being used to hand milking is a plus.

Joshua Kirby: 678.617.5718

WANTED: Guernsey heifer calves for sale; looking to start a micro-dairy.

Frank Smith: 434.250.8363


WANTED: A Guernsey cow possibly with its calf. Or a miniature Guernsey dairy cow.

Miranda Bartos: 248.912.4068

WANTED: A Guernsey heifer 0-2 year old For family farm

Vikki Gamble: 386.249.3170

WANTED:  A Guernsey Calf! We have a nice 10 acre farm and looking for a calves.

Govinda Clayton: 250-434-1321

WANTED:  A heifer or bred cow. Also interested in AI. Looking to get ASAP.

David Bacon: 301.502.6608

WANTED:  A2/A2 family milk cow that is hand or machine milking friendly, Located in Central Ohio

Alexander: 330.771.3100

WANTED:  Looking for lactating A2A2 cow.

Wayne Motz: 1.815.791.1374

WANTED:  Guernsey calf to add to our farm for a family cow.

Heidi Hanson: 909.633.7002

WANTED:  Purebred Guernsey Cows A2A2 Registered 1-10 head Organically raised if possible

Stephen Furstenau: 810.841.3031

WANTED:  Heifer cows or calves in or near Michigan

Amanda: 248.894.9971

WANTED:  A smaller Guernsey, A2A2. I don't need a high producer, this is just to add to the cow I already have. I would prefer her already bred, and I do not have a preference between a heifer and a cow. I have a machine, so teat size is not an issue. 

Melissa Wyderka: 419.569.7117

WANTED: Looking for 1-2 Guernsey dairy heifers or cows for personal milk supply and cheese making. Would prefer A2A2. Bred cows or heifers not currently milking would be best. Located in Northern Minnesota.

Katherine Pautsch: 218.244.1879

WANTED: Guernsey heifer near eastern Kentucky.

John Johnson: 606.495.6727

WANTED: Looking for a registered A2A2 Guernsey heifer or heifer calf to be a family milk cow. Less than 5 years old. The closer to TN the better.

Jenna: 615.306.9178

WANTED: 1-2 August or September 2022 calves for 4-H project.

Jay & Nancy Hicks: 740-604-1686

FOR SALE: June '21 heifer fresh June '23. A2A2 by parentage. Northeast OH.

Bill: 330-763-0323

WANTED: milk calves and a bull calf

Glen Henderson: 409.383.3032

WANTED: smaller Guernsey cows or heifers...the old fashion ones that weren't bred to be big and tall.

Dan: 231.519.4596

WANTED: A registered Guernsey heifer calf for my daughter’s FFA dairy cow project.

Tamara Garcia: 530.282.9654

WANTED: Registered heifer calves for a 4H project in North Central New Mexico.

Wendy Lossing: 307-287-1304

WANTED: several Guernsey heifer calves - bottle babies

Monique Montero: 405.592.0339

WANTED: 100 to 120 cows and heifers

Roman Ripka: 608.495.5197

FOR SALE: 2 year old located in Rhode Island. Part of 4H show string due in March. Looking to down size.

Emily Myers: 401.741.5502

WANTED: interested in purchasing a pure A2/A2 Guernsey Female Cow, Heifer to age 6 is fine- She will be for milking dairy for our small homestead in Western North Carolina.

Crista Saumell: 561-562-3343

WANTED: Baby Guernsey calf. For pet/milk.

James Wood: 850~209~8449

WANTED: 7-8 head of Guernsey heifers or bred cows or just cows in milk.

Brenda Hagen: 605-210-2415

WANTED: I live in Alabama. I am looking for a young heifer to raise, a bred heifer, a young cow, or a young cow calf pair.

Neil Canady: 615.651.2731

WANTED: A2/A2 Guernsey cow and bull to start breeding program in MS. Let know what you have, location, and price. Johnathan Nowel

Text - 662.688.1709

WANTED: Guernsey in milk or bred

Sunny: 402-617-2593

WANTED: 2 Guernsey heifers for family farm

Blair Burrage: 704-606-2040

WANTED: A2A2 cows or bred heifers. In Arkansas and will travel for right cows.

Shane Humphreys: 501-802-4490

FOR SALE: 7/8 Guernsey, 1/8 Brown Swiss Heifer. Bred to sexed, A2A2 Jersey. Due in February. By Choteau, Montana.

Laura Lightner: 406.899.1701

FOR SALE: Registered, genetic recovery heifer born Feb. 2020. Dam is full Guernsey and calf is sired by 777HO03913 Croteau Lesperron Unix EX-96.
Jared: 920-946-9255

WANTED: A2/A2 registered Guernsey heifer or cow. Looking for an in-your-pocket type. Cow doesn't have to be wet. Demeanor/personality is paramount. The closer to North Dakota, the better.

Joel Cote-Kanning: 701-626-7115

WANTED: Guernsey heifers and cow/calf pairs. 

Steve Warnersmith: 502-402-0392

WANTED: A2/A2 cow in milk and accustomed to hand milking. Virginia

Deborah McVsy: 908-391-7872

FOR SALE:  About 5 cows, 20 heifers, along with several calves. Texas. Check out our site here.
NaRisa Waldo - 903-245-9673

WANTED: 2, A2A2 young cows or heifers, bred, soon to calve. Halter broke would be ideal & grass based a plus. Located south of I-44 in Missouri, two hours SE of St. Louis.

John Whitaker: 573-244-3539

WANTED: Guernsey heifer. Email preferred contact.

Tia Burton 603.937.1044


WANTED: Looking to expand my herd with several gentle Guernsey heifers. Preferably A2A2 and registered. Located in Central TX open to shipping.

Tiffany 512.230.5640


WANTED: Show-quality calf. Rhode Island, or anywhere in New England

Mary Kelley 774.451.3429


WANTED: a Guernsey milk cow for our family. We live in Montana.

Elta Ayre 406-445-2722


WANTED: Looking for A2/A2 young cow/heifer to add to our small herd. Located in VT.

Abigail Roleau: 802.349.9691


WANTED: Young Guernsey in milk and bred, or a springer due anytime.

Marie Erika Elsbernd: 925.321.2902


WANTED: Guernsey cow or heifer, fully registered or genetic recovery.

Gwen Meier: 580.334.4231


WANTED: Guernsey heifer, fresh, in milk with calf. Hand or machine milked. Call or text:

Jamie Holden: 972.786.1777

WANTED:  Looking to purchase Guernsey cattle. Calves, heifers, cows. More of the commercial type preferred.

Stephanie Abts: 920.973.6547

WANTED:  Guernsey calves

Bruce Baxter: (360)694-3708

WANTED:  A2/A2 Guernsey cow - preferably bred. Kansas City area.

Curt Mauk: 816.365.1427

WANTED:  Cows age 2 or 3 lactation. Bred if possible. A2A2 ONLY. Good temperament and machine milked.

Leah Hoover: 717.609.3835

WANTED:  Interested in starting a mini creamery, would love to buy some Guernsey cows 

Wudeama Paul-Gindiri: +2348033784861

WANTED:  Guernsey heifers, calves, or young cows. To have a few cows to show.

Cole Anderson: 1.701.900.9025

FOR SALE:  Registered Guernseys in central California. Milking cows, bred & open heifers, bulls available. TEXT or EMAIL:

Walt: 209.327.2039

WANTED:  Bred heifer or bred cow.

Daniel Browne: 817.480.2219

WANTED:  A2 A2 Guernsey cow. Preferably a cow that has been bred back, halter trained, super friendly, and stands for milking.

Gina: 949.303.3163

WANTED:  Looking for an A2/A2 family milk cow that is hand or machine milking friendly, halter trained is a plus - located in California

Hannah: 408.677.6190

WANTED: Looking for an A2/A2 Guernsey younger family milk cow that is hand or machine milking friendly.

Erin: 214.850.0112

WANTED: Bred or open Guernsey. Willing to take on a younger heifer but preferably ready to be bred or bred.

Eric Bennington: 484.612.5606

WANTED:  Looking for 2 Guernsey heifers for nurse cows.

James Ferguson: 785.241.1548

WANTED: Registered, A2A2 Guernsey cow. Prefer proven, heifer possible

Mishon Peay: 1.435.668.7172

WANTED: Heifer calf to raise up to replace our current family milk cow who is getting old and should retire soon. Second choice would be a bred heifer that should calve in early Spring (March-April). Disabled veteran looking for A2 milk to, hopefully, help with pain and inflammation. Russell County, KY

Marsia Jager: 606-305-1672

WANTED: Guernsey cows

Angel: 630.670.7263

WANTED: 1-2 registered, A2A2, bred, Guernsey cow with 4 working quarters. Located in eastern Colorado

Heather Satterfield: 303-330-8318

WANTED: mini A2A2 Guernsey and full-size Guernsey cow

Tammy Mockbee: 520.609.2667

FOR SALE: 2 year old milk cow, calved July 1st. Located in Rhode Island looking to down size. Currently part of 4H show string

Emily Myers: 401.741.5502

FOR SALE: Summer Yearling Heifer located in Rhode Island. Currently a 4H project looking to down size. Has been in show string fully vaccinated.

Emily Myers: 401.741.5502

WANTED: A Guernsey heifer with show and production capabilities.

Dawn Johnson: 320.894.1520

WANTED: Heifers 6 to 12 months, maybe some older cows that will still breed. Near Memphis, Tn.

Calvin Cowan: 662.216.9823

WANTED: Guernsey heifers or cows. Baby calves also considered. 

Robert J Rowley: 810-305-2771

WANTED: A2/A2 family milk cow within reasonable driving distance of north Mississippi. Preferably one that can be hand or machine milked.

Rebecca Mathis: 713-806-7079

WANTED: Looking for family milk cow/heifer. Either in milk or dry, but needs to be confirmed pregnant. A2 status not important. In or near Tennessee please.

Brittney: 480-208-5498

WANTED: A family milk cow in Estacada, Oregon. We need A2A2.

Michelle: 503.898.2046

WANTED: 1-2 head. Certified organic (A2A2, registered) Guernseys 0-5yo. Kansas Area. Cow or Heifer

Lilly Hogan: 785.215.7479

FOR SALE: Registered March 2024 heifer calf: Goldprint Torpedo Eclipse. Torpedo x JC Penney. North Carolina.

​Clair: (336) 247-3645


WANTED: good Guernsey bull for dairy herd.

Mark T Woods: 276.733.1647


WANTED: some Guernsey heifers and a Guernsey bull. Please reach back to me with more information.

Osmar Quinteros: 213.269.2136

WANTED: A2/A2 Guernsey cow and bull to start breeding program in MS. Let know what you have, location, and price. Johnathan Nowel

Text - 662.688.1709

WANTED: Guernsey bull ready for breeding

Christopher Olson: 816.797.4855

WANTED: searching for a Guernsey bull for my three Guernsey cows...would like a bull to use who is polled and preferably A2A2 genetics.

Mary Ewald Sayles: 1.989.450.7429

FOR SALE: A2A2, genomic tested London son. Good outcross pedigree. Greenwich, NY.

Glen Violette: 518.795.5467

WANTED: Guernsey bull calf A2/A2 from disease free herd. Located in Central Pennsylvania but willing to pay for hauling if out of state for the right bull calf.

Amy Farrell: 570.765.8834

FOR SALE: A2A2 Guernsey Bull.  Born June 16, 2023.  Dam is a sister to Lockley-P and London.  Genomic tested. PTI of 28.


FOR SALE: A2A2 Bull. Born 8/29/2019 Grandson of MARODORE ENHANCER ROY. DAM: Y DEV. +5277M

FOR SALE: A2A2 Bull, Born 4/13/21 Sire: DRONE DAM: sired by JENSGOLDEN COPPER RYPTIDE, Grand champion Nebraska State Fair 2021. Great grandam: TERPHILL NISSAN CANDACE 3-02 305d 27,360m 5.2% 1435f 3.5%958P

Jim Imig: 402.643.2369

FOR SALE: Bull. A2/A2 certified. Dehorned. Handled and gentle. Comes when called. Reg #97016181 Located in Bonneau, SC 29431

Blessed Farm, LLC (843)830-5215

Embryos & Semen:

Quality embryos available

Randy Knapp 563-590-5369

WANTED: Sexed Guernsey embryos suitable to be exported to the UK. 

Phil Macpherson: +447827018823

WANTED: Embryos

Tony Dangler: 419.614.1910

Embryos available - elite genetics & cow families.

Hoard's Dairyman Farm, WI 


WANTED: Perfecto semen - 1-2 units is plenty.

Tom: 715-702-2506

Embryos for sale

Adams Creek Farm 608-386-8803

Embryos for sale. They are not direct thaw. Details available. Walnut Ridge Farm @

WANTED: Sexed Guernsey embryos suitable to be exported to Bolivia, South America.

Mario Serrate: +59175015236

#1 sexed IVF embryos for sale: Torpedo x VG Coin who made over 23,000M as a two-year-old and was Res. Grand of the WI State Fair Jr. Show. A2A2. In Mineral Point, WI.

Cyndi Nafzger: 608-575-4259

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